Alumni Spotlight


The success of an institution's alumni is a testament to its strength.  NWF State College is proud of the achievements of our alumni, several of whom are represented here.  All alumni are invited you to share your story with us!


Valerie Colman

Valerie Coleman
NWFSC Teacher Education Alumna, BSE, Class of 2011

Valerie Coleman is a teacher. She's a really good teacher. In her first year in the classroom, she was selected as the 2012 Rookie Teacher of the Year at Holly Navarre Primary School. The award, given to teachers who are in ...

Stephen Farrell

Stephen Farrell
NWFSC Alumnus

As high school careers go, Stephen Farrell's was different than the ordinary. Attending one high school, yet playing trombone in another school's Wind Ensemble and marching band kept him running back and forth and ...

JamesTislow James Tislow
NWFSC Alumnus

When James Tislow came to Northwest Florida State College, it was known as Okaloosa-Walton Community College. The 1988 graduate of Niceville High School had recently turned down a scholarship from Tulane University ...

Alumni Megan Wise Megan Wise
NWFSC Alumna, Class of 2006

Figure out the percentage. Out of 90,000 people, 37 succeed. The answer is miniscule - in fact, it figures out to be .04 percent - but Megan Wise has that percentage to show for some pretty great successes in her life ...


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