Alumni Award Nomination Form


The Northwest Florida State College Alumni Awards will recognize and honor OWJC, OWCC, OWC and/or NWFSC alumni who have achieved significant success in their career and/or life.


Alumni Award Eligibility Criteria:

Open to all OWJC, OWCC, OWC and/or NWFSC alumni who have earned a degree or completed a certificate program from NWFSC (or OWJC, OWCC, OWC) and meets one or more of the following eligibility criteria:

  1. Is a true success story in a state or national arena.
  2. Has achieved success despite adversity.
  3. Is under 40 years of age, a success story with potential for achievement in a state or national arena.
  4. Has achieved success within nominating college's district and demonstrated notable community involvement.


Nomination Guidelines:

  1. Submit your nomination on this official Nomination Form
  2. One additional page may be submitted to include awards, honors, and other accomplishments
  3. Add as much detail as possible to the Nomination Form please anticipate follow-up conversations with the NWFSC Alumni Committee if your nominee is considered




Award Categories:

Distinguished Alumni
Rising Star
Againsts the Odds
Hometown Hero

The award selection committee reserves the right to change the nomination category based on the information submitted on the nomination form.


Nominee's Personal Information

Last Name*:
First Name*:
Middle Name:
Maiden Name:
Street Address:
Home Phone:
Email Address:

Nominee's Education

High School or General Education Development (GED):
NWFSC Program of Study:
NWFSC Class Year:
Additional Education and Advanced Degrees:

Nominee's Eligibility Criteria

Career Success* - Please include accomplishments, awards, honors, promotions, publications

Community Service* - Please list community service activities, leadership roles, accomplishments and awards.

Time, Resources and Expertise Shared for the Benefit of NWFSC students* - Please list contributions

Againts the Odds Nominations - Please detail adversity and challenges nominee overcame before and/or while persuing his/her degree.

Other information the selection committee should consider in make final selections.


Relationship to Nominee:
Home Phone:
Business Phone:
Cell Phone:
Email Address*:
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