Frequently Asked Questions

What is the NWF Foundation?
The NWF Foundation plays a significant role in the development of the College as a major educational, cultural and economic resource. The Foundation assists in the fundraising efforts of the College and ensures that the funds received are securely allocated to the specified project. 

Why do we have a Faculty & Staff campaign?
The Faculty & Staff Campaign is an annual fundraising effort that provides all NWF employees an opportunity to support their area of choice at Northwest Florida State College. Annual Fund contributions provide an important source of revenue to our programs, departments and campuses.

What is the goal of the NWF Faculty & Staff Campaign?
The goal of the annual faculty and staff campaign is to provide employees an opportunity to support their area of choice at Northwest Florida State College.

Does this campaign really make a difference?
Yes! Success in the Annual Fund is measured through percentage of participation. The ultimate goal for the Faculty & Staff Campaign is to send a positive message to alumni and other constituents, the emphasis is on participation. Therefore, we welcome gifts of any size. The end result is a substantial source of revenue which is used to enhance projects and programs campus-wide.

Where does the money go?
All contributions to the NWF Foundation go where you direct them. The money from this campaign will be used for current, immediate needs of the college. Gifts can be either unrestricted (choose "area of greatest need") or restricted (limited to the use of an existing foundation account).

Can I decide how my gift will be used?
Yes. Gifts may be restricted to an already existing foundation annual fund or endowed account. This includes your department or special program. There are hundreds of NWF Foundation funds to choose from.

How do I make a gift?
A one-time contribution can be made by cash, check, or credit card (Visa, MC, or American Express). Full-time employees may choose payroll deduction and make their gift in small payments. 

When do payroll deductions begin and end?
All payroll deductions for the Faculty & Staff Campaign will begin in October. The amount deducted will vary with the amount of the gift contributed and the number of paychecks an employee receives each year.

What if I already gave this year?
Thank you for your generosity! Your gift is greatly appreciated. If your gift or pledge is received July 1, 2018 – June 30, 2019, it will be counted towards the 2018-2019 Faculty & Staff Campaign. All gifts and pledges prior to July 1, 2018 —including payroll deductions started during last year’s campaign—have been counted in the 2017-2018 Campaign. If you currently give through payroll deduction and wish to continue, no action is required and your gift will be counted for this year’s campaign.

Does my United Way contribution count to this campaign?
We appreciate the support of our faculty and staff in the United Way Campaign. However, gifts made towards United Way cannot be counted in the Faculty & Staff Campaign. We understand it may be difficult to participate in two philanthropic campaigns, but highly encourage you to make a donation to the Faculty & Staff Campaign!

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