Program Support

Every college, academic department and program has specific needs that are critical to its future success. A dynamic academic environment is one that is ever changing, fostering exciting new ideas and innovative ventures. Program support spans financial funding for:

  • academically invigorating programs, such as visiting artists, lecture series, exhibits, continuing education, and more!
  • critically needed equipment resources for up-to-date laboratories, studios, computers, software, among many other technological needs.
  • faculty development to ensure our faculty and staff remain current in their fields.
  • learning resources to ensure our library is robust and meaningful.
  • campus beautification projects for landscaping, sculptures, benches and other enhancements to our college grounds.

Click here for a list of current endowed program support funds.



Scholarship awards provide monetary aid to a Northwest Florida State College student who has applied and been selected to receive a scholarship. Scholarship awards are not meant to cover 100% of a student's educational Scholar and Thomhavescosts, but are intended to supplement a student's educational funding. Donors may include special criteria for a scholarship award, such as financial need, academic achievement, pursuit of a particular course of study, residence within a particular locale, or some combination of these.

The award amount provided to each student varies by scholarship and is subject to the Foundation's scholarship disbursement guidelines. Endowed scholarship award amounts are determined by the Foundation's spending policy. Click here for a list of current endowed scholarship funds.

Students seeking information about Foundation scholarships should visit NWFSC's Financial Aid website and Academic Works, NWFSC's scholarship application system.


Teaching Chairs

The Teaching Chair program at Northwest Florida State College is designed to enrich student achievement by recognizing the strength of the College, its teaching faculty, and instructional departments.

Teaching Chairs have traditionally been associated with universities to lure pre-eminent researchers to a college. The Endowed Teaching Chair Program at Northwest Florida State College molds the tradition into the college by encouraging excellence in teaching by providing financial support to an innovative department.

Funds for each Endowed Teaching Chair are provided from a private contribution starting at $50,000. Distinguished Endowed Teaching Chairs are established from private contributions starting at $100,000. The interest from this permanent endowment provides annual support to a pre-determined academic department.

The determination of Endowed Teaching Chair awards is made based on a combination of guidelines established by the donor and those developed by the college in concert with the Foundation. Each Endowed Teaching Chair is established in the name chosen by the donor.

Click here for guidelines and information on creating a Teaching Chair or for a list of current endowed Teaching Chair funds.

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