Doolittle Institute Provides $10,000 Gift in Support of Technical Education


April 13, 2016

NICEVILLE - The Doolittle Institute provided a $10,000 gift to Northwest Florida (NWF) State College in support of technical training with a focus on manufacturing and high-tech skills.  The funds will support the College’s advanced manufacturing program with enhanced equipment upgrades and program development.

“NWF State College is grateful for the generous support of the Doolittle Institute,” said Dr. Sasha Jarrell, interim president of NWF State College.  “By supporting the college’s technical education program, the Doolittle Institute’s collaborative partnership will help to ensure NWF State College is helping to build the skills employers need now and into the future.”

“The Doolittle Institute, in conjunction with the Air Force Research Laboratory, and other regional industry partners, seeks to expose students to high-caliber STEM learning opportunities in the Northwest Florida region, stated Steve Butler, executive director of the Doolittle Institute. “This includes technical skills needed in the aerospace sector such as welding, sheet metal, and advanced machining and 3D printing.”

Doolittle Gift
photo (l to r): Dr. Steven Butler, Doolittle Institute; Dr. David Lambert, Air Force Research Laboratory; Dennis Sherwood, NWF State College; Dwight Howard, J.P. Khamken Industries/Doolittle Institute; Dr. Sasha Jarrell, NWF State College; Cristie Kedroski, NWF State College Foundation

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