Mary Ogletree Continues to Impact NWF State College Students with a Gift to Her EndowmentMary Ogletree

Mary Ogletree initially established the Sidney J. Ogletree Endowment in 1996, in memory of her late husband. Her main focus was to provide scholarships to young people bettering their lives by going to school and working. In the spring of 1997 she created a second endowment, the Sidney J. “Sid” and Mary Ogletree Ethics in Business Endowment. This year she combined the two with a major gift of $10,000, creating the Sidney J. “Sid” and Mary Ogletree Endowed Scholarship. Since the inception of Mary Ogletree’s endowment, 26 students at NWF State College have received scholarships to improve their future. With this new gift there will be many more opportunities for students to further their educational goals without the burden of financial worry, accomplishing Ms. Ogletree’s goal.



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