Foundation News and Press Releases


Date   Article
10/27/2017   NWFSC Foundation Recognizes Distinguished Alumni at Annual Scholars and Donors Luncheon
06/27/2017   Twin Cities Woman's Club Gives Scholarship Gift
06/14/2017   Kay Litke Culinary Arts Scholarship Endowment Established
06/05/2017   Northwest Florida Symphony Guild is at it again!
05/11/2017   Rotary Club of Crestview Supports Raider Athletic Success
05/08/2017   Mary Ogletree Makes Another Gift to Her Endowment
04/21/2017   American Legion Post #221 and Voyageur 1940 408 extend their annual scholarships
04/11/2017   Destin Snowbirds give $5,270 to Music Department
04/05/2017   Jacquie Raud-Everett Nursing Scholarship Established
03/30/2017   Pastries & Perspective Breakfast with Dr. Stephenson
02/27/2017   2017 President's Circle Recognition Ceremony
02/01/2017   Dale Peterson Creates a $25,000 Endowment for Hospitality Scholarships
01/18/2017   Susan Myers Planned Gift Names Learning Resources Center
10/31/2016   NWF Foundation Holds Annual Scholars and Donors Luncheon
10/05/2016   Center for Lifelong Learning Gives Gift to First Generation in College Scholarship
09/28/2016   Regional Utilities Creates $50,000 Scholarship Endowment to honor Dewey C. Wilson
08/26/2016   Northwest Florida State College Foundation Hosts 2016 Annual Banquet
06/01/2016   Mary Ogletree Continues to Impact NWF State College Students with a Gift to Her Endowment
05/13/2016   Northwest Florida Symphony Guild is at it again
04/26/2016   Crestview Rotary Club Provides $10,000 Gift for Raider Campaign
04/13/2016   Doolittle Institute Provides $10,000 Gift to Support Technical Education
03/08/2016   Snowbirds Give $5,000 to Support Music and Fine Arts Programs and Scholarships
02/13/2016   President's Circle Members Recognized at Half Court
02/01/2016   2016 Foundation Scholarship Application Period Now Open
01/29/2016   Bayer Facebook Stock Established Scholarship Endowment
12/07/2015   Northwest Florida State College Foundation Seeks Distinguished Alumni
11/30/2015   Eileen Arpke Establishes Second Scholarship Endowment
10/23/2015   2015 Scholars and Donors Luncheon
09/18/2015   NWF State College Receives Grant from the Gene Haas Foundation
08/21/2015   2015 Foundation Annual Banquet
07/16/2015   Walton County Retired Educators Association Provides Gift
06/18/2015   Twin Cities Woman's Club Provides Scholarships
05/24/2015   AFC Creates Fifth Endowment and Honors Dianne Kostelny
05/21/2015   The Fikes Companies Fuel Student Success with $25,000 Endowed Scholarship
05/13/2015   Rotary Club of Crestview Supports Raider Athletic Success
04/23/2015   Mattie Kelly Arts Center Ushers Establish Scholarship Endowment
03/13/2015   Chambers Endowment to Support Technical Theater Program


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