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When Gertrude and Emory Campbell were planning their gift to Northwest Florida State College, Kathryn Foy was probably just the kind of student they had in mind. The former NWFSC Trustee and his wife, both life-long educators and residents of Walton County, wanted to assist local students as they prepared for their educational futures. When the Campbells passed away, the NWFSC Foundation was the recipient of a bequest that perpetually funds the Gertrude Gillis Campbell Scholarship for Walton County students. This is where Kathryn comes into the picture.

Kathryn, a 2011 graduate of Walton High School, fits everyone's image of a youth on the way to success. Motivated, goal-oriented, volunteer-oriented, outgoing, dedicated, and fun-loving are words that pretty much describe Kathryn. Using her gifts and her determined spirit, and holding an AA degree firmly in her grasp, she plans to move to Pensacola to major in Exercise Science at the University of West Florida, a final step before applying to Physical Therapy School. Her main goal is to become a pediatric physical therapist working at St. Jude's Hospital, the highly respected hospital for children suffering from cancer. "My mom is a cancer survivor," Foy notes. "When she was going through her treatments, I became aware of how very difficult that struggle can be and thought if it's that hard for adults, how much more difficult it must be for kids. I've always enjoyed almost any kind of physical activity, so I decided Physical Therapy would be a way to intertwine both passions."

Not one to let grass grow under her feet, the active 20-year old also is a founding member of the RaiderReps, the NWFSC organization whose members act as college ambassadors, giving campus tours to prospective students, speaking about their experiences to new students, parents and community members and participating in many college events. Coordinator of Recruitment Maddie Ostrowski said "As a veteran ambassador Kathryn helped train and mentor this year's new ambassadors. She is a joy to work with because she is caring, enthusiastic and very funny."

Foy fills her time away from classes by serving as a nanny to three young children and hitting the gym as often as she can. But thoughts of her education are never far away. "I'm so grateful to Mr. and Mrs. Campbell, people I never even knew, for giving me this opportunity. In today's economic climate, with many students relying on some form of financial aid, this scholarship has been a blessing to me and my family. I work hard for my grades, but the Campbell Scholarship takes the worry out of funding my education, and that's huge."

The Gertude Gillis Campbell Scholarship is funded in perpetuity because of Emory and Gertrude's thoughtful planning. In addition to a major gift, the Campbells bequeathed to the college 160 acres of timber land in Walton County. On a rotating schedule, the timber is thinned and the proceeds go directly to the scholarship fund. As long as there are trees, the endowment will continue to grow thus enabling more students like Kathryn to achieve and succeed.

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